Republic Of You, Jewellery & Leatherwear

Republic Of You source and collecte a vast array of vintage, antique and collectible items from across the globe. The brand breathes new life into little forgotten relics from history by creating beautiful, meaningful and memorable exclusive pieces of wearable art.

Republic Of You focus predominantly on history, fashion and art and endeavor to be unconventional in our sometimes fierce and fickle world of fashion.

I’m very happy to announce my collaboration with Republic Of You  and I will wear my lovely bracelet Gypsy Spirit around the world !

You too be part of this adventure and get 25% off with my code KIM25 on all the website:

‘Gypsy Spirit’ Bracelet

Designed for all the free spirited gypsies, this simply gorgeous bracelet has been strung onto sturdy kangaroo-hide leather.  The Gypsy Spirit features cowry shell clusters with authentic vintage scalloped edge silver-alloy coin pendants and gypsy bell beads from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India.

‘Gypsy Spirit’ Bracelet – Brown & Black


Destined to transfer good luck, fortune and material wealth to those in its possession, the cowry shell is considered a deeply spiritual and highly valued object in African culture. The cowrie carries with it the blessing of Moté, ancient deity and goddess of water, also affectionately referred to as ‘Mother of Water’.


‘Gypsy Spirit’ Bracelet – Blue & Natural


‘The Serpent Charmer’ Necklace

The Serpent Charmer is a stunning earthy Limited Edition necklace, which is sure to become a conversational piece. It features authentic snake vertebrae bone beads dated from the 1950s, and sourced from the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. Each vertebrae has been strung onto sturdy hemp string in its natural and original succession. The necklace also features a miniature brass key which has been oxidized and aged.


The snake or serpent has been a powerful symbol and totem throughout history. The overlap of its symbolism between cultures is vast and significant. It is believed to represent wisdom, cycles, rebirth, awareness, healing, intuition, protection, transformation and hidden knowledge.


‘Gypsy Sapphire’ Necklace

The Gypsy Sapphire necklace features a stunning decorative coin pendant from the Kuchi People of Afghanistan, circa 1960s, cowrie shell clusters from East Timor, white metal Kuchi pendants and cylinder beads from the nomadic Banjara Tribe of Northern India. Strung onto sturdy kangaroo hide leather and cotton cord, this necklace is finished with our signatue knotting and wrapping technique.


Kuchi jewelry often reflects a sense of freedom within its style, using features such as distinctive jingling bells which sound like rain.


Be part of this adventure and get 25% off with my code KIM25 on all the website:

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